My Services

‘Introduction to Meditation’ course

I offer various courses which are designed to introduce you to meditation. These involve an exploration of different styles, designed to equip you with the skills to introduce subtle, yet powerful, changes to the mind. These help you find the best daily practice of meditation to suit your lifestyle and needs. Over the course I teach the following methods:

I also run a series of talks and discussions about ‘ what is meditation ?’ And the history and science behind it. These courses are suitable for complete beginners and also experienced meditators. They generally take place in a group setting at various locations. Please get in touch to find out dates and prices.

‘One-on-One’ Sessions

If you are keen to learn meditation in a one-on-one setting, please get in touch. I would love to discuss your individual needs. I offer an initial free consultation which can take place face to face or via Zoom.


Meditation in the workplace has been proven to offer many benefits. Typically, I would guide staff through a range of meditation styles during a 1-hour session. The meditations will cultivate:

I also offer tailor made packages to suit your requirements. This could be a one-off lunch hour session, a short weekly course for a team of employees, or a session planned as part of a ‘Corporate Away Day’ or offsite.


A fully insured and registered member of the CMA (Complimentary Medical Association)

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